With all our senses on the way – In Europe and around the world. Identifiying new trends and changes. This is the claim and stimulus of our design company.

“In the meantime” is our platform to share collected experiences, impressions and adventures within a regular series of thematic reports – And it is our platform to establish the foundation for a new kind of discourse. For new ideas and visions and for everybody, who, as we are, is living in the “generation in the meantime”.

  • 20140711_athos

Unparalleled precise feedback

Many sport technologies only measures typical parameters such as calories, steps, heart beats, etc. for their performance analysis. The Athos system, in contrast, is designed to deliver direct feedback about the quality of your movement during exercises and if you are adequately training your muscles.


Fit Watch
  • Fit Watch

Eat right, drink water, play hard

The boost fit watch is a great gadget for kids, encouraging them to do more sports and taking more care of their nutrition. The core is its digital character, “Boo”. If you eat right, drink water and play hard, Boo will grow and transform further and further.

Ocean Clean Up
  • Ocean Clean Up

Crowdfunding cleans oceans

What for you, as a single person, might be impossible to achieve can be possible with a great mass: Thousands of supporters, everyone with his own small donation, can contribute to the success of global projects. Crowdfunding platforms let visions become reality, for the benefit of the whole world. Like this project for example, “the ocean clean up”.


  • Bitcoin

Virtual currency

Bitcoin, introduced in 2009, is a privately established, transnational payment system with a virtual currency, using cryptographic technology (cryptocurrency). The transfer of amounts are carried out directly between parties (peer-to-peer). Through this technique you can avoid traditional bank transaction procedures and also revenue authorities.


The Cricket
  • Cricket

The silence of the crickets

The cricket is your first line of theft protection. Hidden on your bike it constantly sends its position to your smartphone. Even the strongest locks can be picked - but the silent cricket tells you precisely, where you can get your bike back.


My Privacy
  • 20140711_train_How_much

How much am I worth?

Everybody wants our personal data. But is anybody really willing to pay for it? Federico puts it to the test: He has collected a detailed, comprehensive database of himself he offers for 2 Euro per day. Are you interested?


  • 20140711_crypto_cat

Not for the world

Cryptocat is an open source web and mobile application intended to allow secure, encrypted online chatting. It uses end-to-end encryption and encrypts chats on the client side, only trusting the server with data that is already encrypted.





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