April 24, 2015/POSTED BY Walter Heidenfels/

Technology, sofware and data networks have continually changed the music business and recording possibilities for musicians. Though the transition from vinyl to CD was only a change of medium, it did make degradation-free copying of music possible for the first time. The MP3 download and then later Streaming freed music from the necessity of having a sound storage medium. A huge collapes in sales in the music industry was the consequence.

“The internet has radically changed conditions for musicians”

The internet has nevertheless had a positive influence on conditions for musicians. Youtube and other platforms offer unknown bands and up-and-comers the opportunity to get their music out to the public without having a record deal. The widespread availability of music on the internet also ensures that ideas can be exchanged quickly. If you’re looking for shepherd music from the Caucasus to provide you with some much needed inspiration, or the play along track of a jazz standard to practise with, or if you need a sample for a house track, all of this is only a mouse click away.

Even for studio recordings, individual tracks can now be recorded in different studios around the world and sent via drop box. Only band rehearsals (along with live concerts) still require musicians to be physically present. This is because the time required for processing and broadcasting accumulate to such an extent that the band can’t play in time any more.

 “Sofa sessions are making rehearsals over the internet possible”

In order to overcome this last hurdle, the sofware “SofaSession” is being presented at this years music fair in Frankfurt. According to the developer, the signal processing for audio signals has been accelerated to such a degree that rehearsals over the internet are now possible. The world wide web hasn’t as yet been able to make up for the get-together beer after the session though!!!


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