September 02, 2014/POSTED BY Oliver Keller/


Scientists argue about the exact number, summed up there are roughly seven basic forms any story can be led back to, no matter from when or where. Those schemes are enough to reflect the thoughts which happen equally in all of us. How interesting or fascinating a story is, of course depends ona vast number of other factors. So why are there stories? Because we need them. As a mirror of ourselves, refuge, lesson, as inspiration and freedom in a completely discovered world.

Because we need them.

Myths appear in different forms: the older they are, the more they are complete stories and stay in our minds because of their unsolved questions. It can be seen that we need myths over and over again. Rolf Wilhelm Brednich, german language scientist, dedicated a whole row of books to the fascinating “urban legends”, the modern myths of our time.

The “deep Web” which is a good peg to hang that story on, shall in no way be mistrusted in its existence. The whole situation has just everything a good myth needs: a huge, secret world without any rules but with infinite possibilities. A platform to meet mysterious people to do otherwise impossible business with.

Looking at the deep web as a story shows us that modern legends appear from time to time, no matter how much truth is in them or not. Besides all facts, they are a wonderful mirror of our time and of what moves us.